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The Internet and new social networking and social media technologies are allowing companies and their customers to interact with unprecedented levels of richness.....are you taking advantage? 

For the first time in human history, communications tools are good and cheap enough to support complex group conversation and group action without the need for complex hierarchical organisation. Gathering a group of people and getting them to act used to require significant resources, giving the world's institutions a kind of monopoly on the group effort. Now, the tools for sharing and co-operating - even on a global scale - have been placed in the hands of the individual. New business and community uses emerge at a blistering pace. You can now benefit from these tools, you just need the right tools and techniques to make it happen. We can show you how....

The Social Web (Social Media) is creating a revolution in marketing, innovation, knowledge transfer, collaboration and business communication. Business models are changing at a dizzying pace and there is no going back.

"Connecting people to people. Over and over again, that's what lasts online. Folks thought it was about technology and it's not" Seth Godin - new marketing guru

We certainly know it is not just about tech! Download our free guide to find out what works
15 tips for managing your online community

We specialise in developing and deploying social media programmes to improve:

Open Innovation & Knowledge Transfer

Let the best ideas bubble up to the top or your organisation!

Innovation is increasingly becoming much more open. Many businesses and organisations are realising that new ideas are just as likely to come from oustide the organisation as they are from inside.

New social media tools are now enabling organisations to engage with customers, research organisation and other communities to capture, share and develop new ideas and innovations.

We have been working with organisations to help them to expoilt new social media tools and techniques to harness the power of communities. What we can do for you...

New Marketing (Marketing 2.0) & External Communications

Traditional advertising is losing its influence on your customers.

Statistical evidence proves a trend for customers to make buying decisions based on internet research and referral. Your customers believe their peers over corporate marketing blurb.

Nothing's new here: customers have always done this. What's new is that the internet has given millions of people the platform to get heard, listen and communicate.

Your customers are talking about you and your products and services. The question is are you in the game or watching from the sidelines? What we can do for you...

Intranets 2.0 & Internal Communication

Some 71% of communication professionals anticipate improved employee engagement from using social media tools.

Shouldn’t your company be involved?

Social media is revolutionizing the way we communicate. But what are these tools and how can they be used? How can you benefit from using blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS and social networking?

A large social media study (How to use social media to engage employees) of over 2,000 companies by Melcrum found that “60% of organisations will have some form of social media in place” by 2008. What is your Social Media and Web 2.0 strategy? What we can do for you...